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What exactly is the EMV liability shift that is happening in October 2015? 

What exactly is the EMV liability shift that is happening in October 2015? 

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Chargeback liability specifically for counterfeit cards will shift from card issuers to card acquirers and merchants (whichever is the delinquent party in implementing EMV).

Is this a big deal?

On an industry-wide level, yes, this is a big change. However, since most merchants are small-to-midsize merchants the chances of them being affected is very low.  In fact most will probably never see a counterfeit card. Counterfeit transactions typically happen at supermarkets and drug stores because criminals want to convert the counterfeit card to a prepaid gift card as quickly as possible. This means that most of you will essentially be unaffected by the change.

What is the real change that is happening?

Instead of customers swiping their card’s magnetic stripe, they will insert their chip card into the device. This is referred to as a “chip and signature” transaction which is how most of EMV is anticipated to be processed in the US.

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